Silvercrest Modular Homes Suck!

San Bernardino, California 1 comment
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I bought a Silvercrest modular home and quickly found alot of problems with this so-called top of the line home.There are cracks extending from almost all of my windows to the ceiling, the bathtub was put in without supports, (it is cracking and dropping), and my front porch is slanted into the house, thus forcing any precipitation under the front door and walls of my foyer.

When I called the installer ( a company in Banning, Calif.) to come out and check, I was told that I was a second owner and I could go jump in a lake.

A letter to the CEO of the company that owns Silvercrest got me no better.Silvercrest-YOU SUCK!

Review about: Modular Home Quality.



I bought a new house from Silvercrest.They came out to do warranty repairs after it was installed.

They did crappy repairs and I fought with them about fixing things right for a year. After the year they said my warranty was up and I was *** out of luck.

They have 2 guys in there warranty department.There only job is to stall and to tell you to take a hike.

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